Stone Cold University


416 W Lone Cactus Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85027    (623) 385-7105

Class Schedule

Classes run August thru May bi-weekly.

Learn A Trade

Join our 3-year Apprentice Program and learn the masonry trade from top to bottom. Dedicated educators take your trade skills to the next level.

Build a Career

Masonry is a respectable trade that you can make into a fulfilling and rewarding career. With the right education, the sky is the limit for your professional growth.

Have a Future

Stone Cold works hard to exceed the competition in everything we do. Come be a part of the future of Arizona masonry!

“We attempt to bring about a camaraderie among those in the program.  I have been privileged to interact with these young people and offer the Apprentices a program that will transcend to the challenges they will face on the job site.” – David Andersen, Masonry Educator

“I believe this program is significant, we live in a time where the concept of education comes with a dollar sign to the student.  Mentorship to the younger generations again relates to compensation by the student. However, that is not the case with the program offered by Stone Cold Masonry these young people are provided with this apprenticeship for simply displaying a willingness and being employed by Stone Cold Masonry.” – David Andersen, Masonry Educator


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